School Information

School Information
School Name
Hope Way Public School Jolly Grant Dehradun UK School Code 57308
Hope Way Public School Near H.I.H.T. Adarsh Nagar Jolly Grant Tehsil-Rishikesh Affiliation Code 3530406
Mr. R.S. Panwar Principal's Contact No 9997109615
Principal's Email-Id Principal's Retairement Date 16/01/2019
School's Contact No
0135-2410981 School's Email-ID
School's Website School's FAX NO 0000000
Landmark Near School
Near H.I.H.T. Year of Establishment 2010
Affiliation Validity
2015-2018 Affiliation Status Provisional
Name of the Trust/Society/Company Registered with
Yoga and Skill Development Training Society Registration Date 30/03/2009
NOC Issuing Authority
No NOC (CIR-CBSE/AFF/CIRCULAR/2013/10/581277) NOC ISSUING Date 08/07/2013

School Timing
Summer Nur to UKG 8.00 AM to 12.50 PM
1st  to 12th

8.00 AM  to  01. 50 PM

Winter Nur to UKG 8.30 AM  to  01.20 PM
1st  to 12th 8.30 AM   to  02.20 PM

Contact US

Near H. I.H.T. Adarsh Nagar Jolly Grant, Dehradun,
Tel: 0135-2410981, 9412937939