School has provision for Dance, Music, Physical Education, Band, Lazium, Dumbbells, Skating, Badminton, Cricket, Volley Ball, Table-Tennis, Athletics and various other indoor and outdoor sports, Art and Craft, Drawing and Painting. Dramas and other Stage Activities are a regular feature in a day’s curriculum.
The school provides well equipped Computer Labs. Children from classes Nursery onwards use computers and are well versed with its use. The lessons of Science, Maths, English, and History etc. are taught though computers. All children in the school are encouraged to use internet.
The schools use Computers, Voice Recorders, Video Cameras, L.C.D. Projectors, and Slide Projectors extensively for academic and co curricular activities. The children’s activities are recorded and they watch themselves on screen and thereafter they are guided as to how to improve their skills and personality.
English is an international language and over the years has become the language of professionals all over the world. Therefore, our school lays proper emphasis on spoken English and internationally accepted methods of conversation. The teachers interact with children in English so that they get a proper environment to pick up the language correctly. The children are also shown cartoons and movies in English to develop expression. They are exposed to children’s classics from all over the world. Children are also motivated to respect and feel proud of their mother tongue and use it in a sophisticated and refined manner.
• At our campus, we know that people who are able to express themselves clearly and boldly go a long way in life. Therefore, public speaking is a daily routine in our school and each child addresses fellow students twice a month from school stage and also once a day during class room activities.Our courses and lessons are planned in such a manner that Public Speaking has become a part of our daily routine.
Our counsellors and teachers make children aware of opportunities that await them once they grow up. Every fortnight, one career option is chosen and children are given details about the career opportunities available to them. This makes them well informed and aware and they understand the world in a better perspective. Once they grow up, they are able to choose a right and rewarding career for themselves.
Every child is different from the other and each has a potential and can excel in his/her chosen field. We, at our schools, understand that no child should be left behind in the course of life. Each child if assisted at the right time to do the right thing can become an achiever in whatever he/she undertakes to perform.

We set generalised standards for every one and after that encourage all children to go beyond them upto their maximum capabilities but no child is allowed to remain below the general standards required to be academically and financially relevant to lead a good life
Children are given different tests to ascertain their natural inclinations and are helped to enhance their natural talents and excel in life. Jigsaw Puzzles, Rolling Tales, Word building, Brain Boosters, Brain Teasers ,Mento Maths etc. are used to enhance brain activity.
School has special periods everyday for supervised home work for the children if required. Children are encouraged to improve their grades and feel the pleasure of achievement and accomplishment.
Physical fitness is of prime importance in life. Therefore, at our campus, all children are encouraged to participate in at least one game and perform yoga. P.T. is compulsory for all. All children are also trained in skating and martial art.
The library has a large collection of books on different subjects catering to the interests of the students. It subscribes to many children’s magazines, newspapers and selected picture books for youngsters. The books can be borrowed from the library in accordance with the Library Rules by the students and the members of the staff. The library consists of a section where books concerning parenting and children’s upbringing are available to parents for consultation and guidance. A reading room has been provided for the students. Each child is encouraged to read maximum number of books in an academic year.
The school has a provision for a canteen to supply eatables to the students during recess period. The Students’ Co - operative Store provides facilities for purchasing articles of good quality at reasonable rates on no profit, no loss basis.
Every month tests in each subject are conducted to evaluate the monthly progress of a child in academics. Apart from this, daily and weekly tests are conducted by the teacher in class to acknowledge the daily and weekly progress of a child. These test serve as a tool for formative assessment. Semester system is adopted in school. Syllabus for the year is divided into two semesters. Examination for the first semester is held in the month of September. The examination for second semester is held in the month of March. Apart from this monthly tests are held during the last week of each month. A child is promoted on the bases of monthly tests and performance in semesters.

No student is exempted from examination except on medical grounds, which should be supported by a certificate from a qualified doctor. Absentees are fined Rs. 100/- per paper. A day in a month is observed as open day. Parents are invited to school on that day as per notified time to discuss the monthly progress of their ward with the class and subject teacher. Each Child show cases his/her work and academic ability before parents on that day.
To develop literary talents of students, the school has a Wall Magazine and School Bulletin. The process to start School Magazine and Year Book is under way.
A literary association has been formed with a view to developing the literary talents of the students. It holds frequent meetings and functions to encourage students to make speeches and read papers in English and Hindi on current topics.
Students organize exhibitions and parents are invited see the work accomplished by their wards.
A dramatic club known as ‘YOUNG AMATEURS’ has been formed and its members give performance on the school stage periodically. Students are also shown movies on science, culture etc. to help them have a broader vision.
To foster the spirit of brotherhood, have social interaction and enjoy gatherings, School Parties/School Socials are arranged periodically which students are encouraged to attend and enjoy.
House system is an important part of school life and encourages children to participate in co - curricular activities which are organized in a healthy non competitive spirit.

Each student is allotted a house at the time of admission. House system inculcates qualities of leadership, sincerity, loyalty, co-operation, self discipline and belongingness to school.

The school is divided into four senior and four junior houses.

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